More Holiday pics

A few more holiday pics.  I want to have these pictures posted on my blog, but don't want to take forever explaining each one so the captions will be brief.

Steph has the most beautiful hair ever.  And the crazy part is she does nothing fancy to it - it's totally all natural.  No masks, expensive shampoo, nothing.  Lucky girl!
Sushi heaven!  We tried a Titanic (the one on fire) and it was pretty cool.
Christmas Work Party.
Bakersfield fog.  
Sugar, just because.

Coco laying on her back like a weirdy.
Mr. Rocky is so cute.  But when he licks me I break out in hives as you can tell from the image on the right.
Grandparents' poppies
The classic Bakersfield sign.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is making cinnamon rolls with the Smith's.  
My motto is: the more butter and sugar you add, the better the rolls will be :)

Brother-sister love
Had fun catching up with Angela (and Sabrina!) at Starbucks one evening.  Sabrina refused to have her picture taken, but she was there as well.  I always laugh and have a great time with both of them.
At a Roadrunner bball game with the fam 
Weird dancing in the parking lot, don't ask.
Lots of yummy homemade meals

Smith's cookies got into the Superbowl spirit and made really cute cookies.  And when Grayson asked for four toaster strudels, this is what he got. :p
Grandpa showing us his giant rock he brought it from the desert himself.
Cute primary handouts
Mom and I were walking the dogs when we saw this truck make a left turn and then turn over on its side.  The driver was perfectly fine, but it was a little scary to witness.

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