Random Pictures

I've accumulated quite a few pictures that I've yet to post on this blog over the past while.  Some of these are over a year or two old...oops.

Natural History Museum.  One of my favorites.
Karli made me dinner one night.  How I love not having to cook and going to someone else's to eat.

My friend Tom and I took the paddle boats out on the Tidal Basin.  I've always wanted to do this, so I'm really glad we finally went.  It's a nice way to get a new view of the basin, but man, you sure do work for it.  We were peddling hard and getting nowhere fast.  I would probably only do this again during Cherry Blossom season so I could get some really good pictures.

Cutest, most delicious pancakes at Karli's house.  I think they were pumpkin flavored?  I hardly remember, but all I know is that I thought, "These are the most amazing pancakes I've ever had."

Einstein Memorial!  Something so many people miss when they come to DC.

My beautiful friend Brooke showing off the White House.

The newish MLK monument.

Court finished his entire plate at Olive Garden despite us telling him that there was no way he could do it. 

German Pancakes at Karli's.

Jazz in the Park in DC is awesome during the summer.  Put on a summer dress, bring a picnic and go sit and visit and listen to music.  It feels so retro and fun.

LivingSocial paid for us to go to a Nats Baseball game.  Here I am with a few coworkers.  We were so dang hot that day.  Ugh, humidity!  

When I lived in Maryland my car was broken into.  It's such a terrible feeling to walk outside and see your window broken and your GPS stolen.  It was more expensive to replace the window than the GPS.  Maybe next time I'll just leave my car unlocked for them.  Luckily my friend Brian was kind enough to tape up my window until I could get it fixed.

At home in Bakersfield trying on blue contacts.  I think I could pull off blue eyes.  Too bad colored contacts are so fake looking.

I painted some flowers while home, but never got around to finishing it.

Doodling before going home...I was very excited to come back to California obviously.
Didn't get a picture of the Virginia sign on my drive out to DC, but while here I've been able to get a picture of it.

The Water Front near Georgetown.  So beautiful and worth going to if you're in the area.

Had dinner at a restaurant near the water with my friends Brooke and Brittany. It tasted delicious, but I was so sick the rest of the night.
Tyson's Corner has an American Girl Store!  So adorable.

Playing around with cameras on iPads.

Brandon had a long layover in DC and stayed the night with me and his friends.  So fun having visitors!

I bought these crackers (from Whole Foods, I think) and after opening the box I realized the crackers didn't even fill 1/3 of the bag.  What a rip off.  

Haley and I befriended the sweetest little guy named Blair in our ward in Maryland.  He is a NASA genius and always carries around the periodic table with him in his pocket.  He's hilarious and we had him take us to this NASA museum place one afternoon just because.

Everything is so much more expensive in DC!

Found a Robert Pattinson look-alike on the metro.  So hard to tell in this pic, but he's the one with the tie walking off.  He also slightly resembled Chase Crawford.

Haley filled out my Relief Society Spotlight for me. She's so funny.

Amazing Japanese treats!! 

Haley showing off the cutest pineapple at Whole Foods.

Ridiculous drivers trying to cut each other off on the Beltway.

 Out of nowhere I got the most random text one day saying, "What happened to that money.  this lil ric." Brandon and I still laugh about it because we have no idea where it came from and he was with me when I received it.  He's called me Lil' Lo ever since due to my reply (his idea).

This place is really great.  Make sure you're really hungry when you come because you'll be stuffed when you leave.  While not my favorite burgers in DC, I find myself coming back here again and again.

G holding the largest Gummy Bear ever.
Notepad from the President's Plane.
This happened forever ago, but when I lived in Maryland I would occasionally take the bus to and from the metro station.  I can handle almost any form of public transportation, but my brain just doesn't seem to understand bus routes/schedules.  So one day at the bus stop I was trying to figure out what bus I needed to get home and I must have looked very confused because a man came up to me (who was not exactly the take home to mom and dad type) and asked if I needed help, which I was grateful for. I explained where I needed to go and not only did he tell me what bus to take, but when the bus came he talked to the driver and said, "Hey man, make sure this lady gets off at such-and-such stop. You're a good man, I owe ya man." Then when I was on the bus someone pulled the chain for me at my stop just to make sure that I was able to get off where I was supposed to.  Despite the East Coast's bad rap, people have been so genuinely helpful whenever I am lost or confused. 

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February 8, 2013 at 1:38 PM

I love your pictures! You have done the coolest things! And I love your painting of the flowers, you are such an artist :D

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