Monster Trucks

While at home in Bakersfield we went to a Monster Truck show and watched trucks and motorcyclists compete and put on a great show.  It doesn't get any more Bakersfield than this.  It was a sold out crowd and boy was it loud!  Thank goodness for ear plugs.  We bought seats the day of and had to sit separately, but it wasn't a big deal, especially since they were in such a prime location.

This orange truck was out of control.  In the very beginning, when the announcer was introducing the drivers they each did a lap around the arena and during the introduction the orange truck flipped on accident.  It damaged his truck (and I could see something leaking) but luckily he was still able to compete.  The whole event though he kept crashing and flipping - his truck was absolutely torn apart by the end.  I think he realized his truck was toast so he might as well go out with a bang.  What's more, is that his wife was in the back of the truck!  She's a tough woman to go through all of that.
He definitely made it entertaining though.

In this last picture you can see that the hood missing and there are also sorts of broken parts on his truck - it was barely holding on.  The announcer made a comment that they have to pay for the repairs themselves and if that's the case, he is going to have an expensive bill!

With Mom 
G force
Mom and G sat a row behind me
And Dixon two rows behind them
We at the most delicious hot dogs afterwards that were being cooked right outside
Hands down the best part of the show were the bikers.  They had the most impressive tricks.  Absolutely terrifying how easy it would be to lose control and completely crash.  The pictures are a bit blurry but they did all sorts of tricks - headstands, flips etc.

The very best guy was from Bakersfield :)  Jeff Griffin

Totally worth going to in my opinion.  

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