Brunette Once Again

Due to my experimental hair dying in the fall I have had extremely blonde hair the past few months.  I've enjoyed it, but am ready for something a little more natural and easy to maintain.  So I went to get my hair done and asked that it be dyed a very light brown with blonde highlights.  I wanted it to be closer to my natural color, but still have some of the blonde.  Well, despite seeking a professional's help things didn't quite go as planned.  Somehow I ended up walking out of the salon with medium/dark brown hair with a noticeable burgundy tone. I could have done a face-plant right there in the salon after I saw it but I held it together and decided to just try it out for a while.  When I got home all Grayson could say to me was, "Your hair is RED?  Your hair is RED!  Your hair IS RED!!!"  It was not a good thing.  I don't know how this unnamed hair person managed to make my hair so completely different from what I wanted, but at this point there was no going back.  Bleaching my already damaged hair so soon would have been risky so I decided to just ride it out for a while.  I think because my hair was so bleached it was very porous and absorbed the brown more readily than normal hair, but who knows, that's just my opinion.  Anyhow, since I'm naturally brunette you'd think this would be a good look for me, but ask anyone and everyone who saw me with brown hair and they'll openly tell you I'm much better as a blonde.  There might come a time in the future when I want to try being brunette again, but hopefully next time it's intentional and not an accidental mess with unwanted burgundy.

I tried to pick the most flattering pictures of me with this hair color to post to give it a fair shot.  Plus I'm sure there are already enough terrible pictures of me floating around out there and I don't need to go around adding more.  But trust me, it was not a great look for me.

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