Random Btown pics

Super random assortment of Btown pics.

I love the tiny Bakersfield airport, it's so cute :)

I love sushi!
Space kitty!

Can you spot Sugar?  Grayson and I love bringing him in to wake Steph up in the morning :)
Bakersfield has the most beautiful sunsets, hands down.
You know you have too much fruit on your fruit trees when they start to fall over.
Pretty table runner.
This is what animals do to me :(  If they lick me I get hives.  
Sugar taking the wheel.
Paula's awesome coconut cake.
Grayson and I panned for gold from an old souvenir we brought home from Alaska ten years ago.  While we found lots of pretty gold pieces, I think it was all fools gold.
Went through an old scrapbook and found these gems!
Steph and I were Les Mis fans before it was cool :)
Steph, Cheryl and I.
Found this old science work from college and am soooo happy I never have to deal with it again!
Of course the Californian would choose this picture to put on the cover haha.  He looks like a muppet!
G's feelings about bedtime...
These facetime pics were obviously taken before I got home.  He's too cute for words.
Old pictures from last year.  He lacerated his spleen playing football and had to spend the night in the hospital.  His coaches and teammates all came to see him which was sweet.

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