Christmas Party

We had our annual family Christmas party at Aunt Heidi and Uncle Keith's a few days before Christmas and it was just as wonderful as ever.  We had a delicious dinner and dessert, listened to Christmas music and played White Elephant in their beautiful home.

I really need to be better about getting more pictures of everyone!  This is the best one I could find and not even everyone is in it.
Our beautiful hostess!
I love these candid pictures Mom took of Steph and Grayson talking together.  They are the cutest.


Steph opening a White Elephant gift.  
Aunt Heidi prepared the most delicious dinner!  It was absolutely amazing and could rival any restaurant in DC.  

Their house is filled with so many beautiful decorations!
Me with my Angel Grandma who does not look 83.
Steph with our wonderful Grandpa who also doesn't look or act 83.
I really have the absolute best family and I love any chance we have to spend time together.

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