Boating and BYUPAS

A few weeks ago I was able to go boating with some people from church which was really fun. I love being out on the water. We went boating at a member's house and it was pretty sweet - they have their own dock and boats right on the water.

Here I am with my roommate Amanda.

We really wanted to get a ride on the sail boat, but they were gone so long that we never got the chance to ride them before we had to leave. They just move so darn slow. We did get a ride on the motorboat which was fun though.

Beautiful scenery in Maryland.

This is the backyard. I wouldn't mind having a house like this one day :)

This is a completely unrelated event, but the BYU Political Affairs Society held a 2 day event here in DC that I'm so glad I went to. On Friday night we heard from Congressman Flake from Arizona. He is such a genuinely nice and humble man. He's really funny and a great speaker. I was very impressed. Afterwards we got to mingle with various people who were there representing different companies and organizations that we might be interested in working for. There were lobbyists and all sorts of people, but I checked out the USAID area since that's where my interest is. On Saturday we heard from the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid which was cool since he's such a famous and influential person. He was a nice guy, but not as charismatic or engaging as Congressman Flake. They both had Q&As which I thought was brave of them.

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January 16, 2013 at 8:48 AM

"...which I thought was brave of them." I don't know why, but reading that last sentence made me lol.

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