While we were in Utah we took the opportunity to go to Tooele (pronounced too-will-uh) to see some family members' graves (Uncle Ken, Great Grandma and Grandpa Horlacher, Kay, Baby John etc).  We had a nice time being there together remembering these wonderful people.

I like the landscape as you drive out that way, passing the great Salt Lake.

Such a pretty place for a cemetery.  Mountains all around in a quiet neighborhood.
It was freezing cold and the wind only made it worse.  But we bundled up and spent probably half an hour walking around, talking, remembering.
It was tricky getting a group shot of everyone.

Self-timer to the rescue.  Not he best picture, but the only one with all of us in it.
Lots of hugs and love in this picture.
I love these pictures of Grandpa and Steph together sharing a special moment.  So much love between them.

It was very sentimental and sweet to all be there together and pay tribute to our family members who have passed on.  While sad that they are gone, we have a firm belief that they are still around us and we will see them again when we pass on to the other side.
The first and only other time I remember coming here to see Ken's grave, when I was probably 10, I cried and cried and cried.  I don't know why since I don't remember him, but I couldn't help it.  I just felt such a connection to him as my uncle.  I held it together better this time, but it is still emotional.  Especially watching the way Mom and Aunt Heidi and other family members choke up near his grave.  At one point Aunt Heidi sat down, actually laid down, next to his grave and was very emotional.  It was heart-breaking to see such love and him being so very missed.
We saw some Gillespie graves, which was interesting.  No relation that I know of, but if we went far enough back there is probably a connection somewhere.
After we left the cemetery we drove down the street to see the house that Grandpa used to live in when he was about Grayson's age I think (14ish).  I enjoyed his stories of living on the best street for sledding and sneaking out the bike that would be their present the next day one Christmas eve with his brothers and riding it without their parents ever finding out.

This is where the family grocery store used to be located.

Afterwards we went for hot chocolate and warmed up while still sharing stories.  Grandpa told me and Grayson more about his dog Bozo he had growing up and how much he loved him and missed him when he died.  We shared more stories and laughs as you can tell from this candid picture.  
I'm so grateful to be apart of this family.  There is so much love and goodness in these people with such a strong, wonderful heritage.

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