Trip to Bakersfield

I was able to go home to California this summer for about 10 days in August which was wonderful.  I love going home any chance I get.  I've been so busy since then I haven't had a chance to post pictures, but I'm finally getting caught up on things so there will be a picture overload.

I put a countdown on my phone leading up to my trip home- it made me so excited every time I checked my phone to see how many more days until I left.
Steph's reunion with sweet Sugar.  We love that kitty to the moon and back.

Ready for his close up.

Lovely, typical Bakersfield weather.

Mom and G have become diligent recyclers.  Saving the earth and making money one bottle at a time.

This is the most random picture, but our neighbors have the prettiest Ivy and I think it looks completely fake. Even after touching and looking closer I still can't believe this is real.

Daily walks with Mom, Coco and G.

We spent a day helping Aunt Heidi set up her new classroom which was so fun.  Cutest classroom EVER!  I wish I had final pictures to show.  We had a great time all working together - family team work is the best.  Also, notice her shirt :)

Beautiful Grandma helping in the classroom.

Grayson being a little man and helping adjust desks.

My biggest contribution - a Smith's cookie run :)

Steph's beautiful room.  I love the way Mom has decorated it in Stephanie's style.

My long hair before I cut it.  I love long hair, but the upkeep is just too much.  It will take over 10 hours to dry naturally when it's this long and I just don't have the motivation to deal with it everyday.  So I cut off 4-5 inches and had more layers put in to lighten it up.  And speaking of lightening it, I also added more blonde.

Due to the extremely hot weather there was a lot of time spent in the pool.  Coco is never one to miss out on the fun and spent every minute in there with us.  Grayson's new thing is try to surf on the boogie board.  Steph and I enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sun.  Mom tirelessly goes diving for coins in the pool with G and playing games with him - he never wears out and Mom so kindly plays along with him hours.  One game we all enjoy playing together though is color shark.

This is super random, but this duck clock has always been around the house my entire life and I realized that it's bound to break one of these days and I wanted a picture to remember it by since I think it is just so cute.  I'm not sure why I uploaded it onto the blog, but here it is.

Grayson and his money origami.  Nobody loves money more than G does.

His collection of foreign money I've brought him back from all of the places I've been.

His Rubiks cube collection.

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