It was so wonderful to be able to be home for Thanksgiving this year.  I really, really miss the years that I'm not able to be home with family for this wonderful holiday.  The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious and the company was perfect.  What more could one ask for!?

Fall is here for sure as you can tell by the tree in our front yard.

A few candid kitchen shots at Aunt Heidi's home where we ate.
One of my very parts of Thanksgiving is sneaky turkey pieces before the meal :)  

Aunt Heidi set out cheese and crackers for us to snack on while we waited - yum!  She knows us so well.
Beautiful sissy!
We had a little photoshoot while we waited for dinner.
She's a natural

Such long hair!
I know the lighting is really light, but I was experimenting and kind of like it this way actually.
Beautiful Mom got in on the action too!

With dear Grandpa who has been such a wonderful, constant support in my life.

The delicious spread.

Beautiful bouganvillas in the backyard

Missy Junior in her comfy spot with the best view in the house!
A game of Bocce Ball in the backyard afterwards
With Aunt Heidi in a borrowed jacket that I fell in love with
I asked for a tiny slice of pie and Grayson and Dixon took that very literally.  As you can see I got barely enough to feed a mouse!  Luckily my real-sized piece came shortly after.  Everyone knows there's no such thing as a small piece of dessert!

I love Thanksgiving and the opportunity to reflect on the many blessings we all have with family in this wonderful, free country.

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