I know, I know.   It has been forever since I have posted on this little blog.  But for good reason - life has been really busy.

Let me give you the 30 second recap of the last few weeks - I left LivingSocial, found someone to sublet my room in DC, flew to Europe and turned 25.  It has been eventful to say the least!

The keyboards here are strange and I cant find the apostrophe button so please ignore my bad grammar.  Also, spell check is telling me that every single word is misspelled so I have no idea what is and isnt.  

This trip has been going really well, especially considering how I really had nothing firmly planned before I left.  Just making it up as we go!

I cant believe Im 25.  Its hard coming to terms with the idea that I actually am getting older, especially when I barely even feel 20.  Time is going by way too fast!!  Is it possible to have a quarter life crisis?  I would be happy if time just stopped now and I stayed this age forever.  But along with the dificulty of accepting that Im getting older too quickly for my liking, I also feel extremely grateful for the past 25 years and all that has happened. 

Well, I gotta run.  The man next to me in this internet cafe hasnt discovered deodorant yet and the smell is overwhelming.  Ahh, Europeans. But I have some posts saved as drafts from before I left so Ill try to post those soon.


2 Response to MIA

October 15, 2012 at 9:24 AM

oh em gee. you blogged. i love this. glad to hear you are still alive! can't wait to hear all the details about your trip and see pictures!! xoxo

October 15, 2012 at 6:18 PM

sounds like an adventurous couple of weeks! where in europe are you??

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