My Typical Day

A Typical Day....

7:30/8:00 - Wake up to alarm. Hit snooze 3 or 4 times. Hair is still wet from my shower the night before so I don't straighten it, I just pull it up. Throw in my contacts, brush my teeth and put on some makeup if I have time. All I can think about is the next time I can go back to sleep. Promise myself I'll go to bed at 9:00 tonight. Locate my shoes, say morning prayer, skip breakfast and I'm out the door.

8:25 - Leave the house. Walk ten minutes to the metro. One of my favorite parts of the day. It's refreshing to be up and out in the morning and see the rest of the world wake up and head to work. I don't listen to music while I walk, I just take in my surroundings and think. Fresh air, birds chirping, everyone hustling their separate ways. I can smell men's freshly applied cologne and women's perfume as I pass them on the escalators down to the metro.

8:35 - Wait for the train. Never more than a 5 minute wait. It's hot as Hades down there in the summer and I can feel the sweat forming on my forehead. Remind myself never to bother putting make up on in the morning again. After months of the same routine I know exactly what car on the train to get into so that I will be closest to the exit I need when it stops.

8:40 - Hop on the train heading towards Mount Vernon (the metro stop, not the site) or Greenbelt. I find one of the seats near the doors that doesn't require me to have to move if someone next to me needs to get out. I don't understand why more people don't take advantage of these seats. Pull out my iPhone and read. Try to read the scriptures during this time - always sets a nice tone for the day. Get off 14 minutes and 5 stops later in Chinatown with a massive herd of people. There is a certain rhythm to riding the metro - unspoken ways of doing things. You fall into the pattern, know your place and move according the flow. I like the metro - no traffic, no parking, no gas.

8:55 - Exit train, slip around the crowd and walk up all three flights of escalators - never stand, always moving. Frustrated when tourists stand on the left blocking the path. As I walk up the last set of escalators there is a religious man chanting at the top. Impossible to understand him, but he is there every day without fail. Men stand around and are trying to hand me newspapers that I don't want. Wait to cross the street - have the traffic light patterns memorized and timed. Walk past fudruckers and look in the glass to make sure I look somewhat normal and didn't forget anything. Walk up the stairs and sit down at my desk.

9:00 - Turn on my computer and log into my work and personal email and all of my other programs. Grab a packet of oatmeal and head for the kitchen where I make breakfast. Fill up my enormous 1.5 liter water bottle. Check my email, bank accounts and facebook and then begin my day. Work work work. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it drags. Grab some free cheez its from the kitchen. Visit with my coworkers. Share a funny website. Work work work. Grab lunch at Chopt or CalTor. The employees know me at both places because I'm there so often. At CalTor my friend with lots piercings and sometimes crazy hair always greets me, "Ahh, it's Miss Gillespie." Come back and have energy to take on the rest of the day. Gchat while working. Keeps me sane. Just about every other friend I have is also on Gchat at their work too. Work work work. I work 10 hours a day and get every Friday off. It has it's pros and cons.

8:00 - Finally done with work. Walk down my flight of stairs, sighing with relief that I am free to go home. Cross the street to the metro, head down three sets of escalators and wait for my train heading towards Huntington. People aren't rushing any more, they are tired from the long day and move slower. The wait is always longer heading home. But the train is also emptier. Sit down and look at instagrams, read or just look out the window as we pop up from underground and cross the bridge over the Potomac. Pass the Jefferson Memorial and feel grateful to live in DC. I realize that I live in DC on my own and I feel proud - proud that I moved to a big city and started a life here. That this place is home to me.

8:45 - Get off the train and head up 3 sets up escalators. So many escalators every day. Come up and look at the street lights and debate whether to jay walk or not. Walk home. Once again, no music. But I will probably pull out my phone and make a phone call. Walk into my house, dump my purse on my bed and come back out and visit with whatever roommate is in the family room. Grab something to eat and come back and visit some more. Maybe sit and watch the reality show they have on TV for a few minutes.

9:30 - Go for a run if I am feeling ambitious. Start running and wonder why DC was built on swamp. Why humidity is so brutal. Why there are so many mosquitoes. Keep running. Stop running and walk. Enjoy looking around at the neighborhoods. Wonder who lives here inside these pretty homes with gardens and porches and flags.

10:15 - Come home and shower. Put on pajamas, write in journal, get ready for tomorrow. I don't know what happens but somehow I never actually get in bed until midnight at least. I set my alarm. Then 3 phone alarms. The time I should wake up if I'm feeling ambitious, the time I need to wake up and then the time I really, really need to wake up if I want any chance of getting to work on time. The minute I lay down I fall asleep. I'm so tired.

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