FaceTime with Mr. Personality Plus

FaceTime is one of the best inventions. And yet, it's amazing how rarely I use it. My brain still thinks it's 1995. But this little guy reminds of what modern technology is capable of and we video chat once a week or so. I almost feel like I'm home when we're talking - I can see what's going on around him, hear the conversations in the background and watch his facial expressions as he tells me about what's important to him at that moment. Football, Mine Craft, Rubiks Cubes, money, Coco, school or camping usually make the list.

All of the hype around iPhones (and smartphones in general) are totally justified. It really is amazing what they're able to do. And yes technology often makes interactions impersonal, but apps like this help reverse that a little. It's almost like I'm talking to him face-to-face. Only difference is that I can't tickle him and he cant tackle me (which is a very good thing considering he's almost my size now).

I also love when I get to chat with Mom too (and Sugar)! I think it's so much more fun than talking on the phone. So nice to be able to see all of their faces. Sidenote: 99% of the time we end up chatting right before I crawl into bed (after Grayson's had dinner, done homework and gone to football), so I rarely have makeup on and am sporting the glasses. So please don't look too closely haha.

G is in the hospital right now due to a lacerated spleen that occurred while being tackled in football. He is doing well, but in quite a bit of pain and will not be playing football the rest of the season. I feel so bad for him. He'll have lots of down time at home while he recovers and I plan on facetiming him as much as possible during that time.

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