Deep Creek Lake

I spent Labor Day weekend at a cabin off of Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with my roommate Whitney, her brother Tom, his roommate Court and her friend Kate. We had a great time! It's such a beautiful place.

The first night there we ordered two large pizzas and thought nothing of it until we picked them up. They were absolutely gigantic! It took us all week to finish them.
Lots of beautiful places to hike.
Gorgeous water falls.
Jumping into rivers.

So, so pretty. Lush, dense forests for miles and miles.

They're adorable.
Whitney made us awesome meals.
We had pretty good weather, although it did rain a little. I normally don't like the rain very much, but in this case I welcomed it. If I'm going to be in the rain I might as well be in a cabin in a beautiful forest. Perfect time to grab a blanket and read.
Court did let the rain stop him from enjoying the hot tub either hahaha.

In addition to lots of sleeping, reading, eating watching movies and hot tubbing we also went mini golfing which is always fun.

And played croquet as well.
We had a great weekend! If you live in the DC area I would definitely recommend going to Deep Creek. Still laughing about Court's description of the apple symbol at the Bank of Romney as a "cherry with a bean." And while watching old 90s movies on VHS we decided we definitely need to watch, "Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai." The name alone is hilarious.

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