Summer Snapshots

As summer is coming to a close I thought I'd start posting a few random pictures I've taken throughout the past few months.

I looked out the window during my metro ride home the other night and saw this.
Karli and were walking around Chinatown and saw this girl bringing back the 90s.
Even in August it's possible that it will rain every single day in DC. I miss California weather.
Haley and I comparing the lengths of our hair.
Homemade ice cream with fresh peaches and strawberries. Nothing better.
Tom, Haley and I went tubing in West Virginia down the Shenandoah. We had a great time! We had to work way harder than expected - lots of paddling to get ourselves across the currents and around the rocks. But we got a nice tan and had a fun time. I would definitely recommend it.
Haley made delicious homemade Japanese food. Yum!
Excessive heat warning....Record high temperatures. When it's not raining here it's sweltering hot!
White, Tom and I showing off our masterpieces at Sippin' and Paintin'.
Karli, Haylee and I explored Eastern Market one Saturday and stumbled upon a cool bookstore overflowing with books. The best part was that many of them had funny sticky notes sticking out of them. One of them was a Dr. Spock book and the note said, "Recommended by Britney Spears, mother of the year."
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Tom made his famous guacamole for a BBQ. It was amazing!
Every Sunday over the summer we had a "family dinner" - aka BBQ with friends. So fun.
Part of the group.

Karli and I at an Orioles baseball game!
Someone told us that cell phones emit enough energy to pop popcorn and we were dumb enough to try it out ha. We figured 6 cell phones might be enough to do something, but no such luck. Duh, I know, I know.

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