Utah Part 2

Alright, here are more pictures from my trip to Utah this summer. I'm so grateful I got the chance to go back out and see everyone. It's always wonderful to spend time with family and I loved being back in Utah after being gone for so long. Utah will always be a second home to me.

Grayson proudly helped us to safely cross streets when needed. And he didn't hesitate from going the extra mile to wave the cars along afterwards.
Family trip to Pizza Factory! Such delicious food thanks to Josh and Emily. Why can't they have one here in DC?
Their breadtwists. Need I say more?
I just love this little miss who is acing nursing school! She just finished a class this summer and had the highest score out of everyone!
Speaking of Steph...we decided that when Steph grows up and is rich she is going to get a place like this in Park City and we'll all come visit her :)
My travel buddies! Dakota and Brandon and I have enjoyed traveling together to Mexico and Puerto Rico and while I was visiting them we decided Spain would be next! (I guess we have a thing for Spanish speaking countries...didn't think about that till just now haha) They are so fun. (Also, I am standing on a step and even then I'm not as tall as Dakota.)
I feel like I have very few candid pictures and it makes me wish I had more because they are usually the best ones. Glad Brandon's brother caught this one.
Some of us girls went and got mani/pedis which was really fun!

Cute Grandma!

Love him too much!
Candid picture by Steph
Practicing safe driving.
Helping Mom navigate the dorms to pick up Grayson from football camp.
It was a long day

Never ever in my life have I lived or been to a place with more road construction than Utah. It's really bordering on insanity. And it's been going on for at least a solid four years. Cones and detours galore. That's basically all we could talk about when we were driving because we didn't go on one major road the entire time without encountering roadwork.
My hair once again grew ridiculously long. Here is a picture before I cut it. I love it long, but it can be such a hassle.
The highly anticipated City Creek Mall is now open in Salt Lake across the street from Temple Square and it is gorgeous! They did a wonderful job and have lots of great stores inside.
Grandma and Aunt Heidi showed Steph the ropes when it came to being a good shopper.
Looks like I left out a few pictures from our time at the cabin. The first one is a picture I took on the way up to the cabin. Since I was without a car Jake kindly picked me up along with his girlfriend and dog. We squeezed in and I carefully held Mom's birthday cake so the frosting didn't get squished on the sides of the container. We were quite a sight. Well, Jake's car is in fragile condition and we didn't do it any favors by pushing it past its limits (Jake likes to show off how fast his car will go and I encourage it because I want to see as well haha). So three different times on the relatively short drive to the cabin we over-heated and had to pull off to the side of the road. We had enough water to put in the radiator the first time we stopped luckily, because there is not a lot of traffic on the roads up there. The second time a kind older couple stopped and gave us all the water they had. Then the third time we ended up breaking down by a gorgeous lake. We walked down to the water to refill our water bottles when a scruffy guy in this 30s came over and started talking to us. He had a beard, piercings, tattoos and initially came across a little rough, but really he couldn't have been nicer. Jake and him talked for a while about cars while also trying to keep Pyro from jumping in the lake. Then somehow the discussion turned religious and before leaving he told Jake, "Keep the faith, man. Keep the faith." Without saying much you could tell the man had walked a hard life, but found his way back to religion and wanted to help others not make the same mistakes. As we were about to leave he generously handed us about 20 water bottles to get us the rest of the way to the cabin. And that did the trick. We finally made it.
Grandma and Grandpa came up with us in 1998 and Grandpa carved their initials in this tree. So so sweet to still be able to see it.

Josh and Emily got a new puppy named Skipper and he is too cute for words. Just so little and spunky with an adorable underbite. He was so new when he came to the cabin that he was still "Foster Dog" according to his name tag.

Voluminous cabin hair
Dirty, happy faces. Perfect moment.
Evidence of the horrible fires that spread through the mountains. Luckily we were not evacuated and the cabin was not harmed.
Ok, now back to the rest of the trip. I bet this drink is single-handedly responsible for almost every freshman at BYU gaining the freshman 15. This is the best chocolate milk in the world - sweet, creamy and just the right amount of chocolate. I drank it like water while going to BYU and just had to have some when I came back this summer. And while we're talking about BYU, can I just mention how much I love it there? I went back on campus a couple of times and each time I felt like I had stepped into this world of rainbows and butterflies. That place just exudes happiness and goodness in a way that doesn't seem possible. Floods of wonderful memories came back to me and I wished so much that just for a little bit I could go back a couple of years in time and experience it all again.

Went out to lunch at Blue Lemon with one of my favorite people, Brittany, who I met while doing study abroad. (The pictures below are from her). She is just the cutest person alive and I love every moment I get to spend with her.

Sitting on Josh and Emily's lawn watching the massive fireworks Josh bought. Recently Utah legalized aerial fireworks which Josh took full advantage of. It felt like we had our own personal fireworks show up in the air. Incredible.

Had such a fun time in Utah. Can't wait till next time!

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September 5, 2012 at 3:26 PM

Come back! It was so good to see you, but I seriously, seriously wish we lived closer!

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