Back home in Bakersfield we have lots of fruit trees in our backyard, one of them being an apricot tree. My love of apricots started long ago at Grandpa's house. There are many pictures of me helping him pick them when I was little and although I probably didn't provide much help it sure was fun. Their tree was so large we'd have to climb onto the roof to get some of them. Well for the past few years I haven't been home in May when the apricots ripen and it makes me so sad because grocery store apricots don't even come close to the quality of our apricots. There are few things I love more than walking out back and searching for the perfect fresh apricot. Nothing tastes better. I was talking to my mom about this in May and she was telling me how our tree back home was overflowing with apricots and she wished I was home to help eat them. We decided that next May, no matter what, I needed to find a way to come home so I can enjoy our apricots. However, because she is so kind and thoughtful, I didn't have to wait until next year because she overnighted a box of apricots right to my house in Virginia. It was such a fun surprise to have a little taste of home delivered right to my door. Some were in great condition, others a little squishy. So I took the squishy ones and made apricot cobbler out of them which didn't turn out quite as I had planned (somehow the crumb topping ended up on the bottom and the blueberries turned the whole thing purple), but the taste was overall very, very good. I mean really with enough fresh fruit, butter and sugar how can you go wrong?

A picture of the apricots (and some blueberries for fun) cooking before putting them in the dish to bake.

Thank you Mom for the very thoughtful treat from home. It was greatly appreciated!

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