New York with Angela and Haley

Two weekends ago I went to New York to visit my friend Angela from high school. She recently moved there to start her medical rotations. (Umm, how am I old enough to have friends almost done with med school? Someone please help me understand how we grew up so quickly.) We had such a fun time catching up and exploring the city. As usual, New York continues to grow on me. So much so that I've thought about the possibility of moving there. We'll see what happens, but it would be incredible to experience New York on a daily basis for a period of time.

We went to a Philharmonic concert in Central Park. So many thousands of people all picnicking with their blankets and snacks, enjoying the weather and music.
Subway ride!
We went and hung out with some of Angela's school friends at this place that had the most amazing view.

NYC's subway system is sooo much more complicated than DC's. However, after this trip I finally feel like I have the hang of it.
Haley came up to NY on Saturday and we went to the MET.
The art was gorgeous. A great museum. But DC and London have spoiled me, so I wasn't thrilled about having to pay $25 when other museums are free.
I included the bottom right picture only because I love the blue wings - very unique.
While we were sitting in front of the MET trying to plan where to go next, we saw a polar bear get escorted out of the building. Only in New York.

Highline Park is a beautiful strip of land filled with gardens, people, food and beautiful views. It's definitely somewhere I would visit often if I lived in New York.
Haley and I ate at Grimaldi's after hearing it constantly talked up. It was good and affordable, but not worth the hype. I don't know why, but about every 5th bite was filled with amazing flavor, but the rest was just normal. And their crust wasn't anything special either. Maybe I need to give it another shot, but to me it was just average.
Finally got to visit Eatly! I've been wanting to go here for a while. It's like a Whole Foods on crack. Italian crack at that. So fun to walk around. Wish I were super rich so I could buy lots of the fun things they offer.
Angela and I on her balcony. So happy we finally live on the same coast after 7 years apart. Such a loyal, wonderful friend.
Such a great weekend in New York. Can't wait to go back.

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