Ty and Jer

I had such a fun time hanging out with these two guys (friends from college) when they came to visit two weeks ago. Tyler is doing an internship in Virginia and Jeremy just came out to visit. We did some sight-seeing and went to a soccer game. They are both so much fun. Tyler is literally one of, if not the funniest person I know. I just about collapsed in a Japanese restaurant their first day here from laughing so incredibly hard. He would be the perfect person to go on a long roadtrip with because it would be non-stop entertainment.

Standard squirrel picture
Fun at some of the Smithsonian museums
Dorothy's shoes!
It was raining so hard one night that my umbrella flipped inside out. Here's Tyler modeling it for us.
More people were looking at this man than the White House right behind him. He was crazzzzy.
The best part of the visit was when we went to the soccer game at FedEx Field. USA vs. Brazil. I've always considered myself NOT a soccer fan. I'm not remotely good at it, it's a slow game with little scoring and overall fairly boring. HOWEVER, this game was anything but that. Like most sporting events they are just so much more fun when you go in person. Even though there is not much scoring, you get so involved with every little pass and move that is made out there on the field. The next part is me just venting, so feel free to skip over it. The only major issue I had with the game is the amount of Brazil fans that were screaming so loudly as if to compensate that they were the minority and make it unenjoyable for the rest of us. It's one thing to be at a BYU game vs. U of U game and cheer for your own team, but this was our country against another country. I had chills after hearing our National Anthem sung and felt so much American pride that I just couldn't believe there were thousands of people cheering for a different country here at a home game. I think it's one of those things you just had to be there for, but it just felt so unamerican to boo your own team. I guess I'm just a bit protective of America.
Soccer fans were pretty hard-core when it came to dressing up and getting all decked out. That in itself was very entertaining to watch. All over DC that day we saw people dressed up in flags and other very bold patriotic outfits.
Our seats were high up, but when we got there we were all pleasantly surprised at how well we could still see everything.
There was so much happiness when the US scored a goal. So many close calls after that, but sadly that was our only one.
So hot that day - all my make up melted off, but luckily it cooled down in the evening. The humidity in DC is ruthless. Can't imagine running around a field for a few hours in that kind of heat.
There were 8 of us total that went. Here I am with Whitney, Tom and Court.
It's always so fun to have friends come and visit. Come back soon!

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