The Hamilton

The Hamilton has quickly become a favorite place to eat in DC. I've been here 3 times now and each time is excellent. Haley and I typically go for brunch, but it's also open late (Karli and I showed up at midnight once night to grab food). It's very conveniently located on 14th Street in DC and the menu has a pretty decent selection.

The decor is beautiful and all of the artwork features birds which I love.

I think my favorite time to come here is for brunch. The Eggs Benedict were incredible. The Grayson cheese, however, was much too potent. I tried to like this cheese since it shares a name with my brother, but I 'm just not a stinky cheese person.
Karli's pancakes.

These next pictures are from the night Karli and I came here late to eat. We asked our server to take our picture and instead of just taking one he led us to a different part of the restaurant where we could go stand on these stairs so it'd appear that we were "floating in outer space." Yeah...alrighty then... We were trying not to laugh, but the whole thing was so funny because all we asked for was one normal picture, but he kept taking these totally random ones from different angles one after another.

A picture with birds - we color coordinated.
Such good sweet potato fries.
Our random friend we met on the way out. He's from California and we talked about how us California people always seem to find each other, ha. It is true though - Californians have a way of identifying others from California in a crowd.
Time out for some bird pictures. I'm totally obsessed with this artwork and would put it up in my home in a heartbeat.

This little breakfast delight was heavenly. I believe it was called the The Croque Madame. But then they had to go and take it off the menu! Rude.
Haley's Lobster Bisque.
Lettuce wraps are always a good choice.

More sweet potato fries because they're awesome.

What I'm trying to say here is that if you ever need a place to eat in DC, especially for brunch or a midnight snack, I highly recommend eating at the Hamilton.

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