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It's time for another food post! My friend Jeff, who I knew from high school, suggested we go try out Jose Andres' pop up restaurant American Eats one night for dinner before it closes on July 4. According the website, "America Eats offers a new take on American classics and celebrates native ingredients and some long forgotten dishes. The menu showcases the fascinating history of our nation one plate at a time, whether it’s the origins of New England clam chowder or the introduction of grapefruit to America." And for those not from the area, Jose Andres is kind of a big deal in DC. He runs many popular restaurants and "has recently been named to the 2012 Time 100 list of most influential people in the world by Time Magazine." So there you go.

The restaurant was small and set up to look like you were in a museum, which was a clever idea since DC has a plethora of museums. Although the decor was fairly casual, people were dressed very nicely and the menu prices were not cheap.

We each ordered the tasting menu on the left. The menu did not describe what was in each dish, but only the history behind the dish which was interesting. Luckily the servers were very informative. We wanted to try multiple food items here and this sampling seemed to be the best way to do that.
Below you can see how the menu was set up. Jeff and I saw the PB&J sandwich and knew we had to try it. We wanted to see what their twist on this classic was. And because we were feeling adventurous we ordered it with foie gras. We joked that it was now a PBJ&F sandwich.
Here you can get an idea for how the restaurant was set up. There were different pictures, quotes and displays around.

Here are our sandwiches! They came with the cutest little glass of milk and chips. And the sandwiches were actually really amazing. I'm not a huge fan of foie gras, but it was perfect in this. They were warm and gooey and had a really wonderful flavor. I would go back and order more in a heartbeat.
Hush puppies with an interesting caramel-like sauce. They were quite heavy and filling. I was already just starting to feel full at this point in the meal.
This next dish was the only one I didn't like. Jeff didn't care for it either. The sauce was just way to bizarre for me. It was tangy and strange and left a bitter after-taste.
I didn't know what to expect with this meal since the word "pudding" was used to describe it, but there was nothing puddling-like about it. It was delicious! Just a cheesy, delicious noodle dish. Yum.
The main course. Loved the presentation. I was stuffed at this point and am not much of a meat eater, so I didn't make much of a dent in this, but it was very good. The flavor was a common flavor used in meats, but not my particular favorite. I wish I could describe it better, but it was more of a natural, earthy flavor.
Loved the disassembled key lime pie. The meringue was the best part, I could have eaten a whole plate of that. The creamy center was very tart, but good. And we loved the lime flavored bubbles.
This is how the bill was presented - in an old Tom Sawyer book. Too cute.

I loved this place. I really wish it was going to be open longer, but I guess that's the nature of pop-up restaurants. It's definitely pricey, but was a great experience. I think from time to time it is worth the money to enjoy a truly unique and delicious meal in DC.

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