3 Pizzas in 24 Hours

As you probably guessed from the title, I ate 3 pizzas in 24 hours this weekend. Dinner, lunch, dinner. It wasn't intentional, but it was awesome. I love pizza and DC has a lot of great pizza places to choose from. Although, one thing that Karli and I noticed is that it's hard to come by a place that offers deep dish. But that's fine with me, I prefer thin crust anyway.

Red Rocks. I'd heard good things about this place from a few people and so when Karli and I needed a place to eat after seeing Snow White and the Huntsman it seemed like a good option. It's in Old Town which is a really cute area in Virginia about 10 minutes from where I live. It's definitely a great place to walk around, eat and window shop. Anyway, back to the pizza - it was delicious. I had a hard time finding a pizza on their menu that had the right combination of toppings for my taste, but ended up choosing the eggplant which was yummy. They had a pesto calzone, but not a pesto pizza - I think they need to incorporate the pesto into their pizzas as well.

Haley and I went to Comet Ping Pong (yes, the name is bizarre) because I bought a LivingSocial deal here. It's a popular place and it took three visits to actually be able to be seated without a 2 hour wait. The ambiance is great if you sit outdoors - cute little tables on a patio with lights strung above you. However, the pizza was pretty forgettable. It wasn't bad, but compared to all of the other good pizza I've been eating it really didn't compare. It was too greasy and just overall lacked flavor. Plus, our server was awful. There was another server there who was great, but we didn't get so lucky with ours.

I'm taking a break from food to show you the bun Karli styled on my hair.
It's tied in the cutest little knot. The pictures don't do it justice , but my bun went from mangy to taza-worthy :)
Karli and I before going out.

The best pizza of the weekend was easily Seventh Hill Pizza. It might even be the best pizza I've had in DC. So amazing. The dough, cheese, toppings were all so fresh. We took our time getting there and as we were standing at the counter to order one of the workers let us know they close at 10, so we nodded and then checked our phone - expecting it to be about 9:30. Instead it was 9:55 - ooops. We finally ordered after the same man got a little sassy about how long it was taking us to decide. However, the guy in the back making the pizzas was incredibly friendly, spoke Italian and impressed us with his pizza dough throwing skills. Just check out the video on this review. He kept coming out to check on us during the meal and asked us to hang out after which was a fun twist to the evening.

Love, love pizza.

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June 13, 2012 at 2:46 PM

Um, YUM!!! I love pizza!! Can't wait to try that 7th Hill Pizza place!!

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