2 Amys and Firefly

As a loyal follower of Taza, I knew I needed to try 2 Amys after she recommended it.  I've been there multiple times and it does not disappoint.  While not my favorite pizza place in DC, I'd say it's in my top 5.  It's not really metro accessible, but still worth the drive and line to be seated.  Nothing beats a good margarita pizza.

Haley and I went to Firefly for dinner one night after hearing it talked up a lot by various coworkers. It's a cute place with a nice ambiance, but I wasn't impressed.  The food was over priced and only tasted so-so. The macaroni had a weird consistency and aftertaste.  In fact, it kind of seemed like they used powdered cheese in it - yuck.  The fries were good, but over seasoned.  The Au Gratin potatoes were just horrid. Crispy, dry and flavorless.  I didn't know it was possible to mess up potatoes so badly.  It was really surprising how gross and inedible they were.  So as you can tell, overall I was not impressed.  Haley's meal was slightly better, but even she agrees it's not worth going back to a second time.  However, take a look at how they present the bill - in a little lit up mason jar - the cuteness of that helped make up for the poor food.

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