When in DC Tumblr

This tumblr cracks me up! If you've ever lived in DC I'm sure you will be able to appreciate some of these. Here are links to my favorite posts.

One. This is so true. The price differences between rent in Utah and rent in DC is staggering. I'm still getting over the shock.

Two. It's funny how the smallest things can you make so happy when it comes to the metro.

Three. I've gotten pretty good with the acronyms around here, but I still get annoyed when people through around the obscure ones and acts like other people just supposed to know.

Four. I'm just happy when the station is playing recognizable songs.

Five. Easily one of my biggest pet peeves ever. When I'm trying to catch my train and tourists are hogging up the entire escalator delaying everyone behind them...don't even get me started.

Six. This has never happened to me, but if it did that'd definitely be my reaction.

Seven. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eight. SO TRUE. One of my first driving experiences in the district led me here and it was pretty scary. Mom was with me and we didn't know what we were doing, but somehow managed to make it out in one piece during rush hour.

Nine. True that. Reagan has spoiled me with its convenience. I would almost rather pay more for a flight then have to find a way to get to Dulles.

Ten. Once again, it's amazing how happy the little things make you when it comes to the metro. For the most part it's really clean, fast and reliable.

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