New Desk

The littlest things really can make the biggest difference. I just got to move to a new desk at work and I can't even believe what a difference it's made. It's only about 20 feet away from where I used to sit, but now I'm sitting next to big windows with a lot more space. Only a handful of people in this office get to sit near a window so I feel pretty lucky. Already people walking by have told me, "That spot is clutch" and "You've got some prime real estate LG" and I think they're right. I'm here 10+ hours a day (4 days a week) so I spend more time in this spot than just about anywhere else. All of this sunlight and room has made me enjoy work about 10 times more than before. Plus, I get to spy on the crazy people walking around outside in Chinatown - it's great.

I feel like I should bring in a few decorations to spice it up a little since it's pretty empty, but I've only been in this spot a day so I'll start working on that after I finish getting set up.

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