Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Today is my sister Emily's 28th birthday! Let me tell you a little about Emily... She is easily one of the most talented people I have ever met. She is great at EVERYTHING she does. She runs marathons, she's a genius - she goes to Law School (is on law review and getting a paper published), she is a very hard worker, runs a restaurant with Josh, has a great sense of humor, loves animals, is creative, likes to travel, is close to her family, always looks beautiful, is generous and kind hearted, is incredibly ambitious and overall a wonderful person.

These photos span about 2 decades - from little kids to grownups, multiple hair colors and a small sample of the many fun times we've had together..

Back in the day when Emily used to be taller than me

Santa! We all have identical hair color and all have brown eyes except for Jake.

This is the weirdest picture of us ever, but makes me laugh every single time.

Us at the beach. And that is definitely not Grayson in the picture - he might not have even been born yet at this point.

Sisters in Alaska circa 2001
Visiting Utah when I was a senior in high school

All I remember is that something very silly involving acting like a bee happened before this picture was taken.
At Amy's for family dinner

In Hawaii a few years ago

Being weirdos in the airport

My 20th birthday

Emily and her husband Josh visiting me at my apartment (or as Josh referred to it "a half-way house") in college

Some of the fam

Jazz Game

Haunted House

Pizza Factory of course! Had to throw in one of these pictures. Emily always was so generous in letting us eat the best food ever there for free.

Happy birthday Emily!

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