EU Embassies

This weekend the EU Embassies in DC opened their doors to the public, just like Passport DC last year, which is always fun. Mary, Whitney, Tom and I went and checked out Great Britain, Denmark and Italy's embassies. The UK was definitely my favorite because they went all out compared to the others and because I just adore England.

We started off at Great Britain and were greeted with London totes and Whitney spotted a few very attractive men. Then, as Mary said, we took the ol' girl for a spin.
How great is it that they have a telephone booth (or box as they called it) there!?
I love royalty
Picture with the Queen!
Why can't the rest of DC have grass this beautiful!? The embassy did a great job of making the yards look like an English garden
We weren't allowed to go inside, but it looks gorgeous from what I can tell.
"Mind Your Step" - so British, I love it.
Italy had some seriously sweet cars on display such as this Viper.

So Denmark is the new Disneyland? Sorry Denmark, I'm not so sure.

Bikes and legos were the biggest themes at the Denmark embassy. I really love that they had a picture combining the two together.

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