This year was the first Thanksgiving I've ever spent away from family. It was definitely different - there was no drive to Grandma's house, no helping Mom make her amazing fruit salad, no sneaking pieces of turkey from Grandpa in the kitchen, no getting leaves to decorate the table, no talking and laughing with family or listening to Grandpa give a beautiful blessing on the food. But it was a day in which I had a lot to be grateful for. To be fulfilling a dream by living on the East Coast, to have found a great job and a great place to live, for friends, and for technology to keep in touch so easily with those I love. And I was very thankful to get to spend the day with my darling friend, Karli. She is such a wonderful friend, I am so lucky that she lives out here.

Karli and I spent the day seeing Breaking Dawn which was fun. Then for dinner we ended up going to a friend of a friend's apartment and had dinner with all new people. It turned out to be really fun and the meal was a million times more amazing than anything I had expected. I was envisioning canned green beans, but it was seriously gourmet and Karli and I were incredibly impressed.

This brie was life changing. Whatever glaze they had on top was incredible, especially combined with the fruit.  I really could have eaten the whole thing by myself.  Need that recipe.
Me and Karli!
The dinner plate.  Really though, these girls are amazing cooks, everything was so impressive.
Our friend Kristin and one of the delicious homemade pies we ate.
I felt so lucky that things worked out so well despite having a very few premade plans. I really appreciated how warmly these girls welcomed us into their home and that I could spend the day with someone as wonderful as Karli.

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