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You all know how much I love to travel. It's pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world. However, being a working girl really limits the amount of time I can go places. It's funny because while I was in school I had plenty of time I could take off to travel (summers, winter breaks etc), but a limited amount of funds to pay for such travels. But now that I'm working full-time and have a steady flow of income I can budget and pay for trips, but I don't have the time to go do to limited PTO. Ahh, such is life.

However, in March I was able to sneak away for a week to Puerto Rico without using any vacation time. I know, I'm impressed too. One of my best friends, Brandon, and I try to take a trip every year and this year was no different. Our friends Kelsey and Dakota came along as well which was so fun. We settled on going Puerto Rico (watching the Bachelor had a slight influence on this decision, ha) and off we went! Flights from DC to PR are incredibly inexpensive which was awesome and it's not too far to travel.

As you can guess I took approximately 1,945,434,659 pictures so I'm sorry for picture overload. Here is a sneak peak of the trip through the photos I took on my phone.

View from our first hotel in San Juan. What's crazy is that this place was really cheap AND had a great location.

Flying in our mini plane to Culebra (a small island off of PR).
Just a picture I snapped while driving through a small town.
Dakota ordered shark! I was quite hesitant, but tried it and liked it!
Took a little time getting used to reading directions in Spanish. Luckily it wasn't too hard to figure out.

We had the most incredible meal at Tijuana Restaurant. The quesadilla was absolutely divine. It had mushrooms which I normally don't like, but in this case they were heaven. There were also plantains in the quesadilla. Oh my, so delicious, I would give $100 if I could have another right now.
This salsa was also life changing. It was warm (temperature wise) which was weird, but so delicious, we actually ended up liking it that way.
Despite the nice live music in the restaurant these teenagers came and serenaded (sarcasm) those eating whether they liked it or not. It was pretty much all drums and trumpet which made it loud and unenjoyable, but I guess you could argue that at least they're spending their time doing this instead of something worse.
Driving in our rental car!
Flamenco - such a pretty beach.
Another picture from the plane.
Planking - haha.
Boarding our miniature plane.
Brandon and I in the fort.
The sunsets were so pretty.

Ahhh, I want to go back. Many more pictures to come!

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