Food in DC Part 3

Time for another food post. DC has Ok, I'm sure there are a lot of other big cities with equally amazing food, but DC is up there with the best of them.

If you like French cafes/bakeries then you'll definitely like Paul. It's just a few short blocks away from my work and I've been quite a few times. If you're not near Penn Quarter you can find them in Georgetown. The interior is beautiful, the staff is really nice and they have a variety of delicious food. The food is affordable, but on the pricey side so it's best to go for a snack, not a full meal. Also, while eating there last time I was seated next to people speaking French, which made the place feel that much more authentic. Everything I've tried has been delicious, but if you order the hot chocolate be prepared that it's very rich and thick.

Neilson's came highly recommended to me by many Virginia natives as the best frozen custard, EVER. So when we ran a LivingSocial deal with them, I of course had to buy some so I could see what all the hype was about. And it totally lived up to what people had been saying about it. It is thick and creamy and delicious. I wish I had a better picture, but I was in a hurry and it melts fast!

Pho. I've always wanted to try pho (Vietnamese) and so I went to a cute little pho place that was packed with lots of other people thinking that it's a good sign if there were a lot of other people there. When my food came I was pleased with how it looked, but had to choke the stuff down. I didn't care for it at all. I'd like to go somewhere else and try it one more time, because maybe it was just the way this location made it, but based on the amount of people there I think I was the odd one out. Guess I'm just not a pho person, as pretty as it looks.
I couldn't post about food without including Georgetown (DC) Cupcakes. So delicious. I've lost track how many of these I've consumed in the last year. Salted Caramel, Red Velvet and Milk Chocolate Birthday are my favorites.
Sprinkles also gets a special shout out cause they're great too.
Haley bought a LivingSocial deal to Kushi, which is a very well known Asian restaurant here in DC and we went and loved it. There's a large variety of authentic Japanese food (Haley can attest to this). Although it sounds a little iffy, the pork belly was incredible, one of the best things we ordered. I also ordered Yakisoba, but to be honest, I prefer the Yakisoba I get at Costco over this.
So much food! I love sushi and this sushi was especially delicious. After today I will have been to this restaurant 4 times, whoa.
Sea salt ice cream - such an interesting, but delicious flavor. The first bite is a little strange but then it's just amazing after that. It almost has a subtle caramel flavor to it. I seriously wish I could order a whole gallon of it and take it home with me.
Cafe Ole. Very good Mediterranean food. However, I prefer Roti best here in DC. I don't think I would have liked this food all that much a year or two ago, but I've really started developing a taste for Mediterranean food since living here.
There is a place I ate that I didn't take any pictures at, but it deserves to be mentioned. It is called One Lounge and is located near Dupont Circle. Seriously, the pizza is amazing. Especially the white pizza with spring onions and shrimp. It also tasted like it had some butter and garlic on it. It might be the best pizza I've ever had. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of it, but really it's divine. They have excellent sweet potato fries too. I have been craving it for the past 6 months and really need to go back and eat there again.

This last picture is of something I ordered from a food truck. Food trucks are becoming a really big deal here in DC and I try to hit them whenever there isn't a super long line.
So many more food posts to come.

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