Down By the Water

We debated on whether or not to rent a car and eventually we did through a place called Charlie's after our friend Devin recommended it.  We feel like such big kids renting our own cars even though nobody in the group is 25!  For 4 days worth of use it only cost us $176 with everything included (gas etc).  Split between 4 people that was a really, really good deal.  I'd recommend doing this instead of always hiring a taxi or trying to figure out public transportation for the longer trips.  Also, make sure to take pictures of the car when you first get it, especially if there are any scratches or marks just so that you have proof that you didn't cause it.  This wasn't an issue on this trip, but I've just heard a lot of times people get accused for damage they didn't cause.   After getting the car our next task was to figure out how to get around the island.  Because we couldn't use googlemaps on our phones we had to figure out directions with just a regular old map and not only that, but most everything was in Spanish.  Older generations would probably have zero issue with this, but my generation is so technologically dependent that it took us a day or so to get used to having to figure things out the old fashioned way.
Do you think Dakota brought enough cash?  Sheesh!

This is the pool at the Fajardo Inn where we stayed for a few nights.  It was a wonderful place to stay for a great price.  I totally recommend it.

One evening we went out to the pool and there were the most beautiful, puffy lilac clouds in the sky with large rays of white sun light bursting through them. It is one of the prettiest sights I've ever seen. I wanted to run up to the room to grab my camera, but didn't want to miss a second of this beautiful sunset so I sat there and just soaked it all in.
On one of our last nights we were out by the pool and the boys picked us flowers for our hair so we could fit in with the tropical environment and then somehow a full on photo shoot ensued.  Just had to get in as many pictures as possible before going home.

I was loving the waves the humidity and salty air gave my hair.  

I amazed at how easy it is to pick up Spanish when you are surrounded by it - you start learning more and more without even trying, but also humbled at realizing how far I have to go before I am fluent.  The hardest part is that Spanish speakers seem to speak in snippets.  I have no idea how even they understand each other.  When we would go out to eat I would order food with only a partial idea of what I was getting.  Luckily, a lot of people there speak English so you're not totally out of luck if you don't understand Spanish.  But even if you don't know what you're ordering, you really can't go wrong - case in point below.

Speaking of Spanish, I discovered a new Spanish song I really like - Corre! By Jesse and Joy.  It's definitely worth listening to.

We ate creme brulee, ice cream and a pina colada in one day.  Can't think of anything better. This was a nutella creme brulee, so it's not burned, just chocolaty   

Scariest stairs ever.  No guard rail whatsoever.   

Kelsey and Brandon jumping off bridges with random people.  We were just walking by when we saw these foreigners jumping in and everyone looked like they were having so much fun that Kelsey and Brandon just had to join in! 

We met some interesting people while driving around.  While in a busier part of a town a man came up to us  in our car and said, "Homeland Security guys, I know you have the paperwork."  That was our cue to drive away quickly.

On one of our first days in Puerto Rico we were walking around looking for a place to eat and because it was late afternoon many restuarants weren't open.  However, we came across a place called Buda Thai, and while it looked nice, we had reservations about the food we would receive.  Well, there was never any reason to doubt, the food was beyond amazing and my only regret is that I didn't order more of it.

A very poor area, yet it seemed that every single person had satellite/dish TV.  Everyone has their own set of priorities I suppose.

A little yoga on the beach

Spending one last moment on the beach before heading to the airport.  We obviously have mixed feelings haha.

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