701 - Happy One Year in DC

On my first full day in DC (April 1, 2011) Haley drove my Mom and I into DC and we looked at the cherry blossoms and then decided to celebrate being here by having a nice dinner at a restaurant in Penn Quarter called 701 (after getting Haley's towed car back).  It was fancy and delicious and exciting to be eating at a place like this in our new city.  My Mom paid for our meal and over the next year we referred to it often.  We decided it would only be fitting to celebrate our 1 year anniversary by coming back here to eat again and reflect our first year in Washington DC.  So we set up a reservation and arrived dressed up and ready for delicious food.  We ordered lots of lovely things and at the end of the meal I went to the restroom and when I came back Haley said the waiter had come by and asked if we knew anyone named Dana.  I said, "Oh that's strange.  My mom's name is Dana, but I don't know anyone else by that name."  The waiter came back again and after a little more talking we realized that my Mom had called 701 and asked to put our meal on her card.  Isn't the nicest surprise ever!?  We were both totally shocked.  She paid for our first meal here in DC and wanted to continue the tradition and pay for this one as well.  It made the evening and the meal just that much better.  I think I even saw tears in Haley's eyes :)

I love, love, love taking pictures of food, but there's nothing more awkward than trying to sneak in pictures of food at a fancy restaurant. So I always try to keep the flash off and take them quickly without people noticing.  However, the quality of the pictures don't turn out all that great and I'm too lazy to go back and edit them, so here we go.

Perfect evening - reflecting on our time in DC, eating amazing food and being treated by my very wonderful Mom.  Here's to another year in DC!

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