Miso Hungry

Haley and the Glenns (Kelly and Bill) both in lived Japan for a number of years and share of a love of Japanese culture and food. The Glenns are going to be leaving DC soon and moving to Utah (sad!!) and before they left Haley wanted to make them some Japanese food. I was lucky enough to get invited to this feast :)

Here is chef Haley working her magic in Kelley's kitchen.
Chef Kelley cooking too. They are such great cooks.
And here's me - proof that I actually helped. But really I mostly supervised and stirred. Although I think I learned enough that I could make it on my own, even if it didn't taste quite as good.
This picture has two purposes - I actually caved in a bought colored pants! I love them far more than I thought I would. And also, my hair is getting long again - yay!
Haley's Yakisoba turned out better than even our beloved Kushi restaurant's. It's just that good. I really want some now as I'm writing this post actually.
The final product - Yakisoba, Katsu and curry over fancy Japanese rice that I am learning to appreciate. (Apparently Americans think all rice tastes the same).
Paula Deen Caramel Cake, courtesy of Kelley. At first we were skeptical of how it would turn out, but it was actually divine. Like, I could eat this every day of my life good. Thank you Kelly. And thank you Paula Deen, even if everyone is on your case for having diabetes. In fact, I'm probably going to get diabetes just from eating this, but it's so good I can't think about that right now.
Thank you Haley and Kelley for such a wonderful meal! It was delicious! And I'm excited to know how to make a couple of Japanese dishes now! PS. The title of this post is for you Haley :)

1 Response to Miso Hungry

February 6, 2012 at 11:44 AM

wow, i look disgusting. but minus that, this is the BEST. BLOG. POST. EVER! I've said that to you a few times on previous posts, but what can I say - your posts keep getting better and better! :)

also, some other points about this post:
1. the salmon colored pants are absolutely fabulous.
2. you are the BEST supervisor, stirrer, and kitchen helper.
3. i'm glad you like my yakisoba. i'm craving some now, too.
4. a blog post practically dedicated to me?!?! omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!
5. i laughed out loud when i read the title hahaha

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