Food in DC Part 2

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After I got my job offer last summer Haley and I celebrated at Cafe du Park. It such a beautiful place to eat. Definitely fancier than normal, but we were celebrating.

Love how cute it is. Inside the hotel they had a man playing the piano and fancy shops to wander around in.
French Onion soup is one of my favorites.

Presentation is huge to me. They did a great job. I probably won't be back anytime soon, but it was fun to try out and have a reason to go somewhere a little nicer.
Haley and I went to Dino's because she had a LivingSocial deal there. It's conveniently located and Haley loved her meal. Mine wasn't the best, but if you go to Dino's then be sure to eat the Bruschetta. This was definitely amazing even though the picture is a little trippy.
Good Stuff is a very classic DC place to eat. Even Obama goes there sometimes! You have to eat here while you're in DC.
Great burgers and the most amazing shakes.
Liberty Tavern is in Claredon and has great food. Haley and I still talk about this place all the time. Get their fries, they are amazing. We seriously sat there in silence as we inhaled them because we just couldn't focus on anything else.
Amazing pizza.
Delicious chicken. And their rolls are incredible too. We totally gorged ourselves here, but enjoyed every minute.
Ok, now on to Potbelly's. This is a chain sandwich company, but comes highly recommended by many of my East Coaster friends. Their sandwiches are quite delicious and I, like most people, recommend ordering "the wreck." I'm not typically a fan of hot sandwiches, but these really are delicious and very reasonably priced.
DC has no shortage of Cupcake shops. I've been trying to go to as many as possible and so far so good. There's one not too far from where I work called Crumbs that I just went to for the first time. To be honest I had low expectations but it was actually pretty amazing! I got the Milkshake flavored one (shown below) and just about died eating it! Vanilla and chocolate swirled together with a surprise center and cream cheese frosting. Yumm. And their cupcakes are HUGE, especially compared to Sprinkles and Georgetown.

While we are talking about desserts I need to mention Thomas Sweet in Georgetown. They're quite famous here in DC and rightfully so. I've tried their cookie dough ice cream and cookies and cream fudge - both delicious. I loved the ice cream and I think that's because there's a slight malt flavor to it.

Went to Georgetown scoops for a cupcake. At the time all they had was red velvet. It was decent, but I won't be back anytime soon.
Points for the cute heart on top.
Speaking of red velvet, here's Red Velvet the cupcake shop. They have good cupcakes and I enjoyed mine, but nothing super special.

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post this. I could have sworn I posted it a few months ago, but then I found it sitting in my drafts, weird. More posts to come!

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February 14, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Oh i love this blog post!!! can't wait for sat brunch!!! xoxo

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