Home for the Holidays

It was so good to go back to Bakersfield for Christmas. For the first time I realized just how far away I moved. Far! I love California. Maybe it's the weather, but it's just so easy to be happy there. Plus it was so wonderful to be back with my family. Now I am back in DC, and it feels very different than California, but I love it here too. It's nice to feel at home on both sides of the US.

Christmas was wonderful. It really is the best time of the year. I started listening to Christmas back in October and I'm still not tired of it!

This is my least favorite Christmas tradition. ha
G and I on our way to church Christmas morning

Went on a drive to look at Christmas lights
So good to see friends from high school
Mom making her famous Rocky Road Supreme Fudge

Dance Central on the Kinect is seriously so much fun! I didn't think I'd like it that much, but I love it!

G and I went to the gym together and he is such an athlete! He was the one telling me what I should be doing. I could only jump half as high as him (just jumping flat footed) even though he's a good few inches shorter than me.
Had our annual family Christmas party at Aunt Heidi's beautiful home!
DELICIOUS dinner! Please ignore the massive amount of sour cream on my potato.
And yummy dessert! Creme brulee is my favorite.
All the girls met up for Olive Garden and everyone wore grey! What are the odds. Definitely related.
The bonus to the whole trip was that my flight out of Btown was majorly delayed which meant I'd miss my connecting flights which meant I wouldn't get to DC in time for work on Friday which meant I got to stay home an extra 3 days before flying back :) Yay!
Such a wonderful Christmas and visit home. So much more I could have posted, but this is already getting a little long.

2 Response to Home for the Holidays

January 7, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Lauren you are so cute! I'm glad you got to go home for christmas! Your little brother looks so big!!! I never met him but haha I am a stocker so I have seen lots of pictures and that funny video of him sliding down your staircase on a mattress on your blog/facebook. Ok I'm a creep but anyways hope all is well lets catch up soon!

January 20, 2012 at 4:06 PM

OH EM GEE!!! LOOOOOVE blog posts with tons of pictures!!! AND OMG!!!! SANTAAAA!!! SANTAAAA! SANTAAAAAAAAA!!!

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