Holidays Part 2

Here are a few more Christmas pictures.

This is Mom's fudge recipe and it is amazing.  The best fudge I've ever had.  Although I wouldn't mind if the walnuts were left out.

These dancing games are so much fun!

Roadrunner basketball game.  G has his Christmas colors on.

Indian food with Mom after getting my hair done.

G and I are obsessed with Fruit Ninja, but he is seriously too good.  I can't even come close to beating him.

Holiday workers getting really into it with the headbands and hats.

Most beautiful Grandma.

Look at this little cutie!

Mom has given my room a makeover.  I'm still coming to terms with the bird bedspread...hopefully it grows on me.

My bunny!  Favorite stuffed animal growing up.
Rosemary's!!!  Steph's face says it all.

Such cute wrapping.

Sparkle nails.  

The boys in their BYU ties.

Look at that future missionary!
Trying to pack up my stuff and realizing it's not all going to fit!

Family dinner at Black Angus.


Pedicure time.

                                                     Soda + Mentos = lots and lots of fun

Loving our Costco samples.

Can't wait till next Christmas!

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