Please prepare yourself for random picture overload.

My team's amazing contributions to our work bake-off.
I love these food trucks!
Haley and I went to the Chanel makeup event and got our makeup done. It was way fun, but whoa, that is a lot of makeup on my face - just look at the eyebrows! Love the eyes and lips though.
My coworker with the original LG.
Whenever I have to work on weekends, LivingSocial gives us money for lunch so I always buy a lot more food than normal. This time I went Baja Fresh crazy. Yummm. Other days I typically opt for Sushi or Indian food.
More food trucks!
Karli's birthday dinner!
Ice Cream in Old Town :)
This random dude regularly dances in the cross walk outside of my office.
Dressing up with my team at work as the different LivingSocial verticals. We have Escapes, Gourmet, Daily, National, Families, Adventures etc. etc. So great.
I have even more random picture post coming up very soon.

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