Best Work Party Ever

Holiday work parties can be interesting.  Sometimes good, sometimes not.  But I'm pretty sure I'll never go to  a better one than my work party last night.  LivingSocial really knows how to do it right because it was awesome.

I got ready beforehand with a group of fun girls I work with at one of their studio apartments in DC.  We then headed over to the party together for a fun night.
 Tons of great food, a photo booth, awards, dancing and people who cleared your plates for you the instant you had finished.  There was also a live band composed of employees called Rage Against the Hungry Machine - a little LS humor there in the name (the original name of LS was Hungry Machine).
 Tim really is a CEO Santa.  He treats his employees very well and everyone loves him.
 My cute coworkers

 Sooo many people, holy cow.  This is a big company.

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