New York with Brandon

Brandon came to DC to visit and because we love to travel we not only toured DC but also went up to New York and Massachusetts. This post is about the time we spent in New York.  We drove up there one evening which went really smoothly.  We had to pay a million tolls, but other than that the drive was super quick - under 4 hours.

We are obviously stoked to be going to New York :)
And a little crazy to take on driving into the heart of Manhattan on our own.
Welcome to Times Square.  
We were properly greeted by the Naked Cowboy

Checked out the Giant Toys R Us.  That is child heaven, right there.

Found ourselves on the TV screen.

Rode the Subway which is an adventure in and of itself, let me tell you.

There are so many beautiful, interesting buildings in New York.  I'm no architectural expert, but I can't help but look up and appreciate the variety of buildings all over the city.

So because we're us and we do weird, random things we spent an abnormal amount of time in the giant Sephora.  We found temporary root color correcting spray and put it on our hair.  Thus giving me an ombre look.
Loving our new look.

If you would like to see the Statue of Liberty without actually going to Ellis Island, just take the ferry to Staten Island and back.  It's pretty quick (45 minutes each way I'd say), not expensive, and you get a nice view of the Statue of Liberty as well as the NYC skyline.

If you don't want to exit through the doors feel free to just climb through the windows.  I have no idea what this was about other than I was laughing at him and had to take a picture.
The temple in Manhattan!  It blends in so well I almost didn't see it at first.  

Oh hey Elmo.  He was just walking around like no big deal.  Maybe Sesame Street is somewhere in New York!?

I'm a Mormon!

Croissant mustache?
We ate at Fiorello's and really enjoyed it.  The pizza was great.

My favorite part of New York are all of the random encounters.  Like these people protesting Scientology .. Beach Party Against Scientology?  Random.  

No trip to New York is complete without a stop in Central Park.  We came here and laid down and took a little nap before continuing on through the rest of our day.

We got hot dogs since that seemed like a New York thing to do.  However, you can tell from my face I'm not totally sold on them.

The famous Shake Shack.

We tried to win Wicked tickets at the drawing, but no such luck.

Instead we got tickets at the TKTS booth for Spider Man and Sister Act.
I fell asleep in Spiderman, but mostly because I was exhausted, not because it was boring.  I really liked some of the songs and the stunts were cool.

Sister Act was a lot of fun.  Catchy songs and a feel-good show.

New York feels most like New York to me at night when it's all lit up.

We went up to the top of the Empire State Building at night. It was a long line and not cheap, but overall worth it.

Amazing views all the way around.

It's really crazy just how high up you really are.

As if we didn't have a busy enough day as it was, we somehow ended up in a pillow fight when we got back to our hotel.  Non-stop fun with Brandon.

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