Fall is Here!

Have you ever heard of First World Problems? It's a website that makes fun of the "problems" people living in a first world country have (but in reality they're nothing more than petty complaints). I think of this often as I go throughout my day when I mentally complain about something silly. For example, I adore my iPhone, but I'm sad that my instagrams don't look as grainy as they did on the older versions now that the camera is higher quality. Definitely a first world problem. Anyhow, these pics were all taken on my iPhone and were edited with instagram. I still like the way they look, even if they aren't as grainy as before.

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year, especially on the East Coast - wish it would last much longer.

1 Response to Fall is Here!

November 24, 2011 at 1:57 PM

Nice shots! I love the fall color.

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