Little Bee

I recently finished reading Little Bee. I liked it overall. But at the end I felt a little let down, as if it was missing something. It didn't live up to all of the hype. What I found most interesting about the book was learning about life for a refugee. Little Bee comes to England from Nigeria and the things she experienced were terrible. That was very eye-opening and sad to learn about. It's a topic I haven't studied much before and I'm glad to know a little more now. I think the author did a good job portraying Little Bee's emotions and outlooks on life in a very real and genuine way. The other main character, Sarah, was just too typical and hard to identify with. If I read one more book about a mid-thirties woman who is tired of her outwardly perfectly life who then goes on to have an affair or a divorce I'm going to scream. That's been done, people, time to move on and develop a new type of lead female character. Overall, the book was decent, but not a book I'd go back and read again nor necessarily recommend.

This is the story of two women. Their lives collide one fateful day, and one of them has to make a terrible choice, the kind of choice we hope you never have to face. Two years later, they meet again - the story starts there."


Page 9, "A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived."

Page 13, "She was whispering into it in some language that sounded like butterflies drowning in honey." Haha, I love this quote only because it's like what the what?

Page 24, "It as disorientating, like having the entire contents of one's address book dressed in black and exported into pews in non alphabetical order." This quote is describing a funeral.

Page 45, "In your country, if you are not scared enough already, you can go to watch a horror film. Afterward you can go out of the cinema into the night and for a little while there is horror in everything. Perhaps there are murders in wait for you at home. You think this because there is a light on in your house that you are certain you did not leave on. And when you remove your makeup in the mirror last thing, you see a strange look in your own eyes. It is not you. For one hour you are haunted, and you do not trust anybody, and then the feeling fades away. Horror in your country is something you take dose of to remind yourself that you are not suffering from it." I've thought about this concept a lot and it really rings true with me.

Page 46, "So when I saw that I am a refugee, you must understand that there is no refuge. "

Page 55, "I understand fashion in your language, but this hair did not look fashion. I am telling you, it looked like punishment." Lady Gaga came to mind when I read this.

Page 96, "I understood that it isn't the dead we cry for. We cry or ourselves, and I didn't deserve my own pity." I'd never thought of this before, but it's really stuck with me. We do cry for ourselves when someone dies, don't we? Interesting perspective.

Page 211, "You live in a world of machines and you dream of things with beating hearts. We dream of machines, because we see where beating hearts have left us."

Page 233, "This is the forked tongue of grief again. It whispers in one ear: return to what you once loved best, and in the other ear it whispers, move on."

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