French friends

Remember my friends Anthony and Selim from France? (If not, click here, here, here, and here). I met them summer of 2009 and have seen them every summer since in a different country. Three years and going strong, wonder where we'll meet up next year? Anyway, they came to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and I got to give them the grand tour of the Nation's Capitol. Selim and his other friend, Anthony B., are going to school in North Carolina for the next two years so they saw NY, PA and DC before making their way down to NC to begin school. Anthony N. came along for the ride and is now back in France. I actually met all 3 them of them that first night in Scotland and can't believe we still keep in touch. I remember Selim telling me that night that he would be coming to school in North Carolina and sure enough, here he is.

Here's a group picture of us - Anthony N, Selim, Anthony B. and Brandon who came out to join the fun.

The boys made us real French crepes. There is just nothing better.
The recipe in French. Not only do I need a translator, but also a metric converter!
While driving around my neighbor Anthony B said, "This looks just like the movies!" I'm glad it lived up to their expectations.

The French boys had never tried Slushies, so of course we had to get them some at 7-eleven. Also introduced them to Wal-mart, probably one of the most truly American stores there are.
Went to a good number of Smithsonians. Ate lunch on the steps at the National Portrait Gallery since it's just around the corner from my office.

Toured the Capitol.
Saw the White House.
Yes, McDonalds. I there a more internationally recognized "restaurant" than McDonalds?

Metro fun.
At some point we decided it would be hilarious to have planking pictures. Not because we think planking is cool, but more to make fun of it. And boy did we have fun. At least Anthony and Brandon did...

I always learn a lot spending time in other countries, but I also learned a lot having foreigners here in America. For example, all of the boys seemed totally bothered by all of the air conditioning. Apparently in France they don't use the AC nearly as much so they felt that they AC was making them sick here in the US. Interesting. Such the total opposite of Americans - we can't get enough of the AC, especially in DC in the middle of summer! They'll convert one day.
The French boys say we (Americans) walk way too fast, but I think it's more like they walk too slow. Brandon and I walk briskly, but they're walking about as fast as a grandma with a broken hip. It is seriously impossible for me to walk as slow as they do, it's almost painful to take that much time to get from place to place. Must be a South of France thing.
Jumping picture in front of the Washington monument. This is about the thousandth time we tried to get this picture
Because the ones before it looked something like this, haha. I fail at jumping pictures epically.
Group picture in my house.
Ridiculous glasses picture because of an inside joke from a skyping conversation with Steph and Selim.

Definitely one of my favorite pictures. Way to represent France.
Botanical Gardens.

If you go to DC definitely make time to walk around and eat at the National Harbor. It's so pretty.

Here and I am with Anthony N and Selim at the National Harbor.


It was so fun having them all here to visit.

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September 13, 2011 at 11:45 PM

Girl, we need to talk. ;-)

September 20, 2011 at 10:11 AM

This is an amazing blog.

Well You've just got yourself a new follower!
Greetings from Denmark!

September 26, 2011 at 12:18 AM

Looks like you all had a great time! Love the sunset picture--gorgeous! And those planking pictures are pretty hilarious! I am glad I found your blog--I shall start following :) I hope you are doing well! Feel free to check out my blog as well if you would like! Take care :)

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