Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift came to DC recently and of course I had to go!! I have seen her in concert before, but because it was in London it was much smaller (see here). This time there was nothing small about it. Sold out shows two nights in a row at the Verizon center.

Nearby restaurants featured deals like this...
I felt like I got pretty good seats for the price I paid.
She was just as adorable as you'd expect. Very personable and professional and a great performer. (alliteration anyone?) Her voice seemed a little shaky during the first song, but she sounded fantastic the rest of the night. She really has a great voice, no doubt...maybe she got a voice coach or something, but she really does sound great.

There were a million young girls there ALL wearing flowy summer dresses, cowboy boots and waved hair. I missed the memo apparently that there was a Taylor look-alike dress code.

She came and sat by this tree at the back of the arena and played the ukulele and sang. That was a nice surprise for the people in the back.
She sang mostly songs from her new album, but of course some classics from past albums as well. She also did a couple of covers.
I really don't like the word "whimsical" but I think that's probably the best way to describe her concert. Very appropriate for both young and the not-so-young with lots cute sets and decorations.

Love her. Now I've seen Taylor, Britney and Celine. My concert life is complete.

She finished the show by playing Love Story and being carried over the audience in a little balcony and it was awesome.

The concert was awesome and I'm so happy I went. The only thing I wish is that it was like 3 hours longer to include ALL of her best songs.

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