Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America welcoming one million visitors a year. George Washington wrote, "no estate in United America is more pleasantly situation than this..." Went to go visit it recently and it was very nice and beautiful.
When you go inside I definitely recommend watching the 20 minute film they show. It's a great introduction and a good reminder of what an incredible president he was.

For some reason I feel like all of DC has decided to do remodeling right in the middle of summer when all the tourists are here. There was scaffolding all over the front of the house which is why I took this picture from so far away.
The back of the house. They had most of the original furniture inside. It was really neat to walk the same hallways President Washington would have walked.
Fantastic view.
It's a huge estate with lots of trails and places to wander around and explore.

A cardinal! I think it might be the first one I've ever seen.
Although I didn't take a picture you can also see George and Martha Washington's tomb on the grounds.
A day pass is $15, but a year pass is $25 so of course I bought the year pass. I'd like to go back during different seasons and walk around again. I hear they have a giant gingerbread house there during Christmas which I'd love to see.

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