I am completely serious about my goal to visit every state in the US, so to get closer to that goal I spent my day off from work a couple of weeks ago visiting Delaware. The drive was gorgeous - such beautiful, classic American scenery and then a lovely beach.
On the way there I had to cross the huge bridge over the Chesapeake. There are two separate sections of the bridge - one for each direction of traffic. However, as they sometimes do out here, they changed one lane of traffic to go a different direction than all the others. It's quite unnerving to feel like you are driving on the wrong side of the road and seeing so many oncoming cards coming towards you.
The eastern side of Maryland and Delaware are full of farmland, woods and fruit stands.

I was on a road for a while that was actually 3 different roads for a period of time. Talk about confusing.
The first state.
The beach I chose to go for no particular reason other than google said it'd probably be a good idea.

Notice the girl who is completely buried in the sand with only her head sticking out. haha
I've never been to a beach so full of umbrellas - ever single group had their own.

The water was cold but I put my feet in. Definitely got a tan and enjoyed being by the ocean.

Rehoboth had a very family friendly, energetic feel to it. Tons of cheesy gift shops filled with ceramic dogs, t-shirts with messages and key chains that reminded me of when I was little and into all of those kinds of things.

Cute little home I passed on my way out of town.
Delaware is great and made for a perfect day trip.

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