DC Earthquake

Survived the DC earthquake today. I was at work today taking a phone call when all of a sudden the building started shaking and swaying. It wasn't scary, just disorienting. We all evacuated outside and most people from the east coast have never experience an earthquake so they were a little more shaken up about it (no pun intended) than I was. I kept having elementary school flashbacks of "duck and cover!" But nobody else has heard of that so I guess it's just a California thing. Luckily nobody that I'm aware of has been hurt and we're all back to work as usual.

This link is pretty hilarious:
The comments are just as funny as the picture. One says our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your plastic chair! And another one says "we will rebuild!" And someone else said, looks like no bridge game tonight. And another that said, The GOP blames Obama for poor leadership leading up to the disaster.

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