Santa Barbara

I've already done an instagram post on Santa Barbara, but it's a great enough place that it gets a second post, this time in regular pictures.

I could walk up and down these streets every day and never tired of the scenery.

I love the style and font of the street signs there. So unique.

Most beautiful See's Candies store I've ever seen!

Lunch at Nordstrom - divine food and great view if you sit outside.

We stopped in Nordstrom for a few minutes and Grayson and I played dress up while Mom was in another part of the store. When she came back she couldn't find us because she didn't recognize us all dressed up!

I had to go to the beach at least one while I was home! What a gorgeous view. It's a little windy on the beach in SB but nobody seemed to mind. We saw lots of people enjoying dodgeball tournaments and playing volleyball.

Grayson taught himself to juggle and is really good at it! He's at that age now where's he starting to be able to do a lot of things better than me.

While we were playing the ocean we each caught a tiny fish in our hands! They're fast little guys so we were pretty proud of ourselves. We released them back of course after we took pics.

Grayson was so excited to get to the water! It felt really chilly at first so I didn't think I'd get in very far, but lo and behold, Grayson convinced me to get in all the way. And by convinced, I mean he splashed and jumped on me until I decided I might as well just totally wet since I was halfway there. The water was surprisingly clear and immediately felt warmer after I swam around a bit.

We were out there for a couple hours and had a great time playing all sorts of games. Swimming races, seeing who could throw rocks the farthest (he drew a target on the sand and had a point system and everything), catching fish, tickling, seeing how far out we could go, who could hold their breath the longest, tag etc.

This place is right across the street from the beach. I don't know what it is, but I think it's beautiful. And speaking of right across from the beach, Grandma and Grandpa stopped here on their honeymoon and stayed nearby. They ate at Sambo's which is still there today.

The Old Mission in Santa Barbara. Pretty.

We went to Anderson's Danish Restaurant and Bakery for a lovely dinner. The inside seating was very nice, but on such a nice night we opted to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

We did not skimp on the food. Their vegetable soup was fantastic.

Cute Mom and Grayson at dinner.

Our ornate Brie appetizer. It was good, but Brie doesn't need to be fancied up to be delicious.

Me happily enjoying my meal after a lovely day in Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara is a beautiful and happy place, I hope everyone goes to visit at least once.

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