The Field

Here is a very random assortment of pictures all taken while I was home in Bakersfield. Bakersfield was named what it is named because of a man named Baker who had a field. Obvious enough. But what I realized while I was home was that Bakersfield has seemed to cling to its name by having an abnormal amount of random, undeveloped fields all over town. They're everywhere. You can be driving along a totally developed area and be in the middle of the city and then bam, there's a plot of land that's totally undeveloped. Or you can drive towards the edges of town and come upon large oil fields or farm land rather suddenly. For instance, just behind my house there are tons of open fields that make it seem like we live in the middle of nowhere, but go 5 minutes the other direction and then you're at the Marketplace. Interesting.
Luckily it's not just fields, but there's also pretty water and trees like this driving down Truxtun.

Dixon and I both really like sushi so we got Mom and Grayson to come with us and try some delicious sushi. YUM.
I love this picture of the three of us. Surprisingly it was taken in a dressing room at Macy's!
A cute sister picture. This was taken at Bed Bath and Beyond - we were having a shopping day.
Grayson and I usually go out and do our own thing a time or two when I go home and it typically involves dinner at Applebees. Even before we went he had decided that we were each ordering the chocolate lava cake for dessert.
Good choice, it was pretty delicious.
Goodbye party for the Graffs. One of the best families I have ever met, I love them so much. It was fun to go get pizza with so many great people as shown here - Mom, Lucinda Smith, Amy Dent, Dana Tenney and Kim Graff.
Went out to Taft to watch Dixon in Court which was cool.
G and I heading off to IHOP for breakfast one morning. As if that wasn't enough we stopped by Jamba on the way home too haha.
I've only been dying my hair on top for the past couple years and the underneath has finally totally grown out. I'm surprised what an auburn color it is when the light is shining on it.
Coco and Nike playing together. They're so cute.
Another random empty plot of land in Bakersfield. I never paid much attention to them growing up, but now that I've been away from it I realized how strange that is. Out here in DC every available space is snatched up immediately but there's more than enough room out in Btown.
Aunt Heidi and Grandpa, what a cute picture of them together.
Mom appreciates Thai food like I do and so we went to the Blue Elephant and indulged in lots of deliciousness.
While cleaning through some of my stuff in my room I came across one of the souvenir cans you can buy in Hawaii that has an oyster with a pearl in it. Grayson, Mom and I went out back and had fun cracking that thing open to find our little pearl.
Isn't this such cute wrapping with a little spoon in it?

Went to see the Green Lantern which was average at best, but loved this picture of Grayson blending into the poster.
Grayson and I had way too much fun playing in the pool together.

This picture seems artistic to me, even though it was not intended that way.
All the young men came over and I taught them how to make lasagna and cheese bread for an activity. The best part was getting to eat it at the end.
Pool time afterwards. Logan jumped on the board with Grayson to give him more air.
Even though these flowers are dead I think they're actually kinda pretty in an antique-y way.

Me with my little baby, Sugar. He's waving hi to you. Words cannot describe how much I love this kitty. He's so loveable and every time I reach down to pet him he plops down at my feet. I'm very allergic to cats, but for him I'll suffer through it because I just can't walk by him without giving him a little love.
Girls birthday lunch for Mom.
I arrived home on Mom's birthday which was awesome because I got to celebrate with the family and enjoy eating Grandma's delicious shrimp salad!
I wish she would sell this recipe because it is one of the best meals I've ever had.
Me and G being silly.
Love this puppy. She's just so loveable. I love that about dogs - they don't hold grudges, they're not moody, they're not arrogant, they're just sweet and loving. And how many times can I use a version of love in one description, whew.

Grandma should be a model. She is the most beautiful Grandma I've ever seen and you'd never guess that she's 82 years old. Look how cute she dresses too - I would wear that! We have the same size feet and she's given me a couple pairs of her shoes and I get more compliments on them than I do on any of the other shoes I own.
Another cute outfit in her equally cute home.
And here's my awesome Grandpa who has also seemed to stop aging. I'm so glad I have their genes in me. Such wonderful people.
And here's gorgeous Aunt Heidi, who also inherited the model genes. What a beautiful family.
These are flowers from Grandma's windowsill. Of course they were picked fresh from the yard. I want to have that in my future home. A garden and windowsill to display the flowers from my yard.
Had a wonderful time home in Bakersfield and was able to fit so much in during my short time there. It's just never long enough at home.

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July 19, 2011 at 5:59 PM

Let me know the next time you go out to the thriving metropolis of Taft - Sam works out there. He can give you an official tour of Taft College :)

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