Duck Beach

I know I'm way behind on posting this, but I spent Memorial Day weekend this year in North Carolina at Duck Beach with some of my favorite people, Brooke and Brittany, and their friends Lauren and Julia, along with about 1000 other people! We had such a good time!! Here we are grabbing lunch before heading down on the roadtrip (Britt's taking the picture).The drive was gorgeous. It's only supposed to be about a 5 hour drive, but we hit lots of traffic and it ended up being 8. No worries though because we had lots of good music and pretty scenery to look at.So happy to have made it!
Duck Beach has been a place where LDS singles have been coming every Memorial Day since the 80's. Some call it Mormon Spring Break, but that makes it sounds crazier and more ridiculous than it really is. A really nice guy from DC set up housing arrangement for everyone from DC. We paid him a very reasonable flat rate and that included all of our food, housing and activities. There were about 5 DC homes rented, 2 New York ones and then other homes with people from all over.
Duck Beach is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I'd never heard of it before, but it's a little strip of land that lays off the coast of the Northern part of North Carolina. It is unbelievably beautiful. You totally feel like you are in a Nicholas Sparks book the entire time. No wonder they film the movies based off of his books there. All the beach homes are HUGE and nice!
This is the inside of the main home, the black pearl, where all of the main dinners happened for the DC people.
They bought A LOT of food!
Volleyball anyone?
As if the regular pool isn't enough, there's an indoor pool, along with hot tubs as well at the main house.
Brittany and I climbed up to this little balcony and took a few pictures.

So happy to be here!!

Found the cookie dough stash!
Golf carts were a great idea.
This is a total stalkerish picture, but doesn't he look just like Robert Pattinson? We even told him so. He was cool about it.

Dance parties. Maybe I should start using sunscreen one day since I definitely got a little sunburned.
Being dared to jump in the water with your clothes on...
...for money? Of course! Diving for quarters is so last season, we're on to twenties now.
Someone how room assignments got mixed and I was put with a random girl I don't know. We fixed that in a jiffy, but found it kinda hilarious.
Love the names of the beach houses.
Silly games.
More beach time, this time we brought out the bocce ball.
See if you can spot the former NBA player...
So yes, this is a picture of the ocean, but I had a purpose in taking it - we saw dolphins swimming along in the water which was such an awesome surprise, but apparently I was too distracted watching them to actually get a picture of them. It was magical ha. But really, it kinda was.
The Laurens.

Brittany and I! One of my favorite friends ever. London, Utah, North Carolina, where are we going next Britt?
Brooke was adventurous and went kayaking.
Yes, there was a film crew. Who knows why they'd want to make a documentary of this.

I love whoever made an Angry Birds sand castle. Classic.
Had to grab some Duck Donuts! Totally worth it.
They make them right in front of you.
Life is good - sun, friends, food, vacation, what more could I ask for?
So sad to leave after such a fun weekend!

So glad I got to experience duck beach, definitely a super fun weekend!

2 Response to Duck Beach

July 20, 2011 at 5:23 PM

Lauren, you seriously have the most exciting life ever. You are always doing something fun! Also, I know the Outer Banks very well. We go just south of there every year for a family reunion. Totally understand your Nicolas Sparks thoughts. Love it!!

July 22, 2011 at 12:31 AM

That looks like so much fun! I've never heard of it but it looks like a blast.

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