National Museum of American History

Another must-see Smithsonian Museum is the Museum of American History. It is really awesome so plan on spending a few hours in there.

Of course it is free too.
They have a temporary exhibit on display featuring the life of Abraham Lincoln. What an amazing man. I thought about mom while I was here walking around because he is her favorite president.

The top hat he was wearing the night he was shot and killed.

There is an exhibit filled with gowns and personal items worn by many of the first ladies. Many of the dresses were worn during their husband's Presidential Inauguration. This is probably every girl's favorite section of the museum.
They have the dresses next to pictures of the first ladies wearing the dress which is cool to see.

You really get an idea for the size of the first lady after seeing the dress in person. And by being so close you can see all the detail that is missed when viewing it on camera.
Jacqueline's dress of course was on display.
Some dresses from much earlier on in our country's history were shown as well.

There is a small room nearby full of pictures of the Kennedys and these two were my favorites.

Here at the Museum of American History you can see Julia Child's kitchen. This kitchen is actually hers and is full of everything she used to cook for friends and family and was the set for three of her popular television series.

So cool to see in real life!
Another major highlight of this museum is being able to see the Star-Spangled Banner in person. This is the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics to our national anthem. Seeing this flag and then turning the corner and hearing the music really reminded me of what a great country this is. I think I take it foregranted sometimes, but I love the USA so much and am so grateful for all of the people who have fought so hard for the freedoms we enjoy possible.
I didn't take these two pictures of the flag because photography wasn't allowed, but this is how it is displayed - it is really big! People cut pieces of the flag off for themselves which is why parts on the side are missing.
There are so many amazing things to see at this museum and if you only had time to go to one Smithsonian this is the one I would suggest going to. Judy Garland's Ruby Slippers are also featured in this museum, but I think they must have been cleaning them the day I went because they weren't on display. There are so many other cool things to see here which I didn't even mention, but these were some of my favorites. If you go to DC go here!!!

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June 27, 2011 at 1:20 PM

This all seems so cool! Your life is so fun.

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